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1st February 2016

Due to the Psychoactive Substances Bill coming into force on the 1st April 2016 which will ban the sale of ALL Legal Highs many of our products have a bulk buy option.

Herbal Incenses from less than £5 per gram*

Powders from less than £15 per gram*


Get A Free 1 Gram Herbal Incense Sample With Every Order Over £30.00

Legal Highs Ban May / June 2015
Customers may have seen on the news recently that the Government are planning to pass a law that will blanket ban the sale of all Legal Highs in the UK. The Psychoactive Substance Bill will include the sale of poppers and Nitrous Oxide ( aka laughing gas, hippy crack). At present we have not received any information as to when the ban will be enforced, however, it seems to be being treated as a matter of urgency. Until this time we will be continuing business as usual but will keep all of our customers updated on the situated.
If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.



14th January 2015

Biggest Legal Highs Seller in the country, UK Skunkworks, has now been prevented from selling products.


15th December 2014


With Christmas being round the corner we just wanted to assure you that our despatch service will not be affected. Delays are to be expected but we hope there wont be too much disruption. Saying this, it may be best to get orders in early for Christmas and New Year to avoid disappointment.
Our websites will be open as usual for orders to be placed and, if you order on a public holiday, your order will be despatched the next working day.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support this year and wish you and your families all the best for the upcoming festivities!




14th August 2014

Legal High Headshops closing down around Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland. People seeking other places with legal highs for sale


30th May 2014

As of June 10th the following pills and capsules will be subect to a UK ban: 5EAPB, Dicalzepam, Formula X, Green Beans, BK-2CB and AMT. We have reduced all of them down to £5.00 per pack to clear the stock that we have. So once they are gone, they are gone!


17th March 2014

Deaths from legal highs are overestimated, according to former Government drugs adviser Professor David Nutt

20th February 2014

We now stock the new powder Synthacaine. It is a great additon to our range and comes highly recommened.

Click here to buy Synthacaine


16th November 2013

We are now giving away a free 1 gram pack of herbal incense with every order over £40. That is £10 of free incense!

9th October 2013

Formula X is a brand new pill on the market. Buy yours today!


9th March 2013

Read our site review at

8th March 2013

The long awaited arrival of Mary Joy Exodus is finally here!!! This is the first of the new Mary Joy blends and comes highly recommended. We look forward to hearing your reviews! Buy Mary Joy Herbal Incense!!!


7th March 2013

Are you one of the courageous people that got in there first and bought Magic Dragon?? If you are, send us a review and let us know how you got on. The legal high community will be forever in your debt.


2nd March 2013

Great news. It has been discovered that White Widow was not banned!! So it back in stock for all you lovely people. Enjoy!


27th February 2013

The second of our new Herbal Blends is available to pre-order now. Exodus will be in stock next week but were expecting it to sell out fast so get your orders in to guarentee your purchase.

26th February 2013

The first Legal Herbal Blend available in the UK...
Magic Dragon. Available in 1g and 3g packets.
Cant say we are fans of the packet artwork, but its whats inside that counts right? :)

21st February 2013


Further to our recent email we just want to remind you of the upcoming ban on our Herbal Incense Blends. We have been assured the ban will be going through on Tuesday 26th February, so if you want any of your current favourites there is still time to order. We will be taking them off our site on Monday at 3pm.
We have managed to secure a deal for a new range of Herbal Incense products and will hopefully have them ready to go when the ban comes through. These will be at the usual high standard and we will try to get reviews on the site as soon as possible.


18th February 2013

Sales are going well for the herbal incense. We do only have limited stock so get your orders in!


12th February 2013


We have had it confirmed by our supplier this morning that the ban on Herbal Incense (which will cover all of our Herbal Incense products) will be coming into force on 26th February 2013. Given this, we will be running down our stock over the next 2 weeks so, if you are wanting to make a purchase while it is still available, we advise to order early to avoid disappointment.


25th January 2013

5MAPB is here!!! As welll as APB, which we brought you last week, we are now sellling the hugely popular 5MAPB!!!!


20th January 2013

Fast becoming known as the new Benzo fury we are extremely happy to bring you APB!!!


12th January 2013

After a long wait we have finally received stock of Spellweaver! Its in a different packaging than it used to be but is still not to be missed!


10th January 2013

Uk Highs are now privileged to be named as a trusted vendor on The Trip Report. It is a great site for news and reviews so take a look!


7th January 2013

As you might have noticed, we are now giving away Doob Herbal Incense with every order over £40.00. You still get a free Herbal Incense Joint with every order below this amount. Get it while stocks last!


28th December 2012

We hope you are all enjoying the festive season and are looking forward to a great New Year!


25th December 2012



16th December 2012

We are extremely excited to bring you 3 new products! Brand new to the market are Om and Lotus research chemical tabs. Also we have a great new capsule called Dragon!


11th December 2012

We have some great news!!! We will be intrducing 2 extremely exciting new products later this week. New research chemicals hot off the press. Stay tuned for more info!!


5th December 2012

We are now giving away free herbal incense with every order. With Christmas just around the corner the post will be getting a bit slower so we apologise if there are any delays. With that in mind, get your orders in early to avoid disappointment.


4th December 2012

We know there has been a lot of confusion in the UK papers recently about the banning of certain legal highs. We would like all our customers to know that all of our products are still currently legal and free from any illegal substances. The Home Office released a statement on the 1st November 2012 stating that herbal incense products such as Black Mamba and Annihilation would be being banned but they have not set a date for this as yet.


16th November 2012

It is Friday again and we have been rushed off our feet all week. The bargain priced herbal highs have flown out but we still have loads more so get your orders in whle you can. We ar going to be running another excellent give-away next week so keep an eye out for more amazing offers!


13th November 2012

Our incredible price drop is still in place so get a bargain while you still can!


8th November 2012

Has anybody noticed the price cuts?? We have reduced the prices on all of our herbal incense blends due to an iminent change in their legality. Get them while you still can!!!!


6th November 2012

We have another video. This one is about our research chemical powders. Enjoy:


2nd November 2012

Thanks to everyone that has been sending us feedback on their purchases so we can let everyone else know what is recommended.Keep them coming! We have also put these onto videos and uploaded them on YouTube and Daily Motion. Have a look:


31st October 2012

Right guys, after an extremely busy time last week we are now offering ourselves up to do the same next week. We are going to run another week-long offer and want to know what you would like. Send your suggestions to


28th October 2012

It is the last day of our week-long freebie-fest. Spend £30 and get a free pack of Black Mamba Herbal Incense. Any orders placed today will be shipped out tomorrow morning as part of our brilliant delivery service!!!


27th October 2012

The weekend has landed!! Here at UkHighs we know how much Saturday and Sunday means to people who spend their working week slaving away. So, to give thanks to the Great British workforce, Day 6 of our offer is a free Hexstatic!!!! It's the last day tomorrow so stay tuned for our final, biggest bargain (it's Black Mamba by the way)


26th October 2012

Given that a lot of people's Halloween celebrations start today we think it appropriate that the skull faced Head Trip Herbal Incense Blend be the free item we give away. Spend £30 and receive a free 3 Gram pack.


25th October 2012

How is it already day 4??? Today we will be giving away the Research Chemical Capsule, Blue Genie. All you need to do is spend £30 and you will get this absolutely free!!


24th October 2012

Day 3 brings us an all-time favourite. A free packet of Salvia 10x. For those who havent tried it before Salvia Divinorum (Diviner's Sage, Ska Maria Pastora, Seer's Sage) is a psychoactive natural plant native to Cloud Forest, Oaxaca, Mexico. It is known to induce Dissociative effects and is a potent producer of 'visions' and hallucinatory experiences. It is completley legal to buy, sell nd use within the UK so you may be missing out on this glorious treat!


23rd October 2012

Day 2 already!! This is going so fast!!! Todays free legal high is.....BUDS! A very mellow herbal incense that has been extremely popular. Simply spend £30 and receive a 3 gram pack absolutely free!!!

Now for the bad news. Unfortunately we have had to take Annihilation off sale due to its questionable legal nature. We are currently waiting for confirmation as to its standing so we don't want any of you guys getting into trouble. We will keep you updated.

22nd October 2012

Today is DAY 1 of our big legal high give-away. Spend £30 and receive a free Fly 3 Gram Herbal Incense Blend. Limited to one free item per customer per day

See the video on YouTube now:


21st October 2012

We will be announcing a new offer applicable to all products later on today so keep your eyes peeled. We have learnt from past offers that you guys can get enough of free stuff so we think you will be pleasantly surprised.


19th October 2012

Uk Highs has heard on the grapevine from our researchers that, due to the recent press coverage and drug abuse charities concerns, the legalities of synthetic cannabinoids will be changed in the very near future. The ban will affect products such as Black Mamba, Mary Joy Evolution, Annihilation and Blue Cheese to name a few. This is bad news for those of you who have been buying these blends legally and legitimately  As it stands at the moment, until these products are illegalized, we are still able to sell them but we cannot guarantee how long for. It looks like they have us by the tetherballs so we will have to take the highroad and not be incensed by this action.

3rd October 2012

Right, we don't want you guys getting too excited but we have quite a few new products for you. Take a look at the links below:





28th September 2012

The first of many new products is here. "Blast" is a research chemical capsule hot off the press. Now, we're nt saying you should stop buying Pink Panthers and Benzo Fury but it would be nice if you guys could buy a couple of these and eave us some reviews on our Facebook page.

Click on the link below to purchase Blast:


12th Septemper 2012

Uk Highs Wholesale has arrived!!!! We are now taking orders for items on a large scale for all legal high business's. We supply herbal incense and research chemicals to head shops, smart shops and alternative living stores accross England, Scotland and Wales. If you are a retailer looking at expanding your range then don't hesitate to email us at


5th August 2012

So, how is everyone doing today?? We have been exceptionally busy with all your lovely orders. For all you shop owners out there we are looking into providing our products at a wholesale level. We will be offering very competive prices on the bulk orders. Stay tuned for more details.

28th July 2012

All new products are on the way!!! The powers that be have informed us that we will soon be stocking even more herbal incenses and research chemicals. There is even talk of a more potent Black Mamba. We know there a lot of fans of this herbal blend so we are looking forward to the new arrivals.

21st July 2012

Change of plan, we have a new email address. For any questions or queries please email We hope you agree when we say we think this is a little more proffessional.

18th July 2012

For international orders please email us at for a quote on shipping postage. Please check your local laws within your country as some products, whilst legal in the UK, could cause problems at customs overseas.

17th July 2012

Another excellent competition following our Black Mamaba giveaway. No purchase necessary

10th July 2012

UkHighs are proud to present our two newest products. We now stock the original Mary Joy and the most recent herbal incense blend, Blue Cheese. Both come in a 1 Gram pack priced at £12.50 if you just want to give it a try but 3 Gram packs are available as part of our multiple purchase discount. Save up to £15.00!!!


4th July 2012

Happy Independance Day to our friends across the pond. We are all so happy that Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum fought off those aliens and saved our beautiful planet. Well Done!!

In other news, we are pleased to announce the massive discount we have applied to Green Ice XXX (3g). We have reduced the price by a whopping £10 per pack and there are even further savings when you buy in bulk. So check it out and get yourself a bargain today!

1 Pack = £15

2 Packs = £27

3 Packs = £35


3rd July 2012

Congratulations to Ben Williams Fahey who is the extremely lucky winner of our Black Mamba competition. The prize is on its way Ben. Hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for more fantastic freebies this week!


1st July 2012

It's the last day of our Free Black Mamba competition. Thanks to all those that have Liked and Shared so far. If you haven't then you still have 12 hours to enter the big give-away!!!!
We will be at the Stone Roses gig tonight in Manchester so the competition winner will be announced in the morning when we have recovered.


28th June 2012

Thanks to everyone who has liked and shared the photo competition so far. We're really happy with the way it's going and, due to its success, we will be doing more in future so keep a lookout. Give us your requests on what we can do next and we will see what we can sort out. Have a great Thursday people!!!


27th June 2012

Just a reminder that you have until Sunday to "Like and Share" the picture on our Facebook page (click here) . Share it and get your friends to share it and then their frends can share it etc etc.... In case you were wondering, it's over 18's only. The font we used does make it look like its over 13's.


26th June 2012

Hey Friends and Fans!
How would you like to win some free stuff from us?
Everyone likes free stuff!!
'Like' and 'Share' this picture to be in with a chance of winning!

Good Luck!!!!!!!


22nd June 2012

Rainy days like this remind us of being at school. doesnt make you feel so bad about being in work. why not take your mind off it with our brightly coloured website??


21st June 2012

Thanks for all your reviews guys!! we have been inundated with soem very generous and pleasing comments. We are in the process of adding them to all the product descriptions so keep an eye out fr yours if you sent it in! Please keep sending them so we can keep updating.


18th June 2012

Today we are going to be talking about Salvia. This extraordanairy plant extract has been used for centuries by ancient mystics and is now available to you in a helpful little packet. It comes in different strenghs so you might be best starting with a less powerful one before moving onto the hardcore stuff. People have said that its use has changed their perception on life forever. Usually for the better.....


17th June 2012

The more eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed tht we havent been advertising a special deal this week. The reason for this is that we have added huge reductions on all our products when makiing multiple purchases. Here are some examples:

Gogaine 1g

x1 £25.00

x2 £45.00 (save £5)

x3 £65.00 (save £10)

Black Mamba 3g

x1 £25.00

x2 £45.00 (save £5.00)

x3 £60.00 (save £15.00)

Cobra 3g

x1 £25.00

x2 £40.00 (save £10.00)

x3 £55.00 (save £20.00)


16th June 2012

Is it the weekend again already?? Here at UK highs we will be hard at work selling all the legal research powders and herbal blends worth mentioning. Treat yourself and get something nice to take your troubles away. The best nights out start wih a trip to UK Highs. The rain may pour on us but it will not bring us down!! Peace out.


14th June 2012

We have been extremely busy over the last few days updating our site to bring you more of what you want at the most competitive prices. Compare us to other sites and, if you can find anyone that is cheaper, then please let us know.

13th June 2012

For those of you who like a bit of variety we have also put together a Wicked Ice Multipack including one of each of the range. BUY NOW.


12th June 2012


Our newest products from the Wicked Ice range are causing quite a stir. To thank all our loyal customers we are offering buy two and get a third free for a limited time only. Please don't order too many though because we want everyone to enjoy this solid incense.

Don't forget that you can still get buy one get one (bogof) on Black Mamba


10th June 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine. Last day of our 2 for 1 deal on pills, capsules and pellets so get your orders in fast!


9th June 2012

Uk Highs takes the social media world by storm....

You can now follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter through the following links:


These are the best places to keep up to date on our latest deals and information!



8th June 2012

You wouldnt think we were actually here to make money would you?? This crazy, fantastic, super deal is running untill midnight on Sunday so get your orders in quick.


We are really spoiling you lot now. This is a deal not to be missed.



7th June 2012

We know you all enjoy the sweet aroma of Black Mamba so we have come up with this astonishing deal. Buy one 3 gram pack and get another free. That's a saving of £25!!!


5th June 2012

More deals from UK Highs this week!
We have had a lot of interest in Blue Genie these last few weeks, so here is an offer for those wondering about this new legal research chemical pellet!
Buy one get one free!!


31st May 2012

We hope you are all looking forward to the bank holiday jubilee weekend. Why not cheer yourself up even more with one or more of our amazing bargains. To be honest, we are more than competitive with our prices so  you can buy anything an know you will be saving money! White MM is in short supply at the moment so why not treat yourself??


31st May 2012

New to Uk Highs!! We now have Charly Sheen research chemical powder in stock! This curious specimen is, of course, named after the womanizing legend of the silver screen. One word guys, one word: Winning!


30th May 2012

Great News!!! The highly sought after White MM (1 gram) Research Chemical Powder is now back in stock. We have been having a fair few questions about this so get it while you can!

Buy White MM Now!!!


30th May 2012

Uk Highs bring you the best bargains on the web for 100% legal Research Chemicals, Herbal Incense Blends, Capsules & Pills and Salvia.


27th May 2012

Black Mamba deal pleases everyone. Our second weekend deal giving away 1 gram of Black Mamba has gone down a storm. Soon after we got the potent herbal incense blend back in stock we set up our amazing bargain. Stay tuned for more deals this weekend!!

We are also pleased to tell you that White MM Research Powder will also be returning very soon.

24th May 2012

Black Mamba back in stock!!!!!!